Sunday, December 9, 2018

Week 9

This is our last full week in Room 1.  Hasn't this year gone fast!!

Our final end of year Mass is on Friday.  Please come along to join us at 9am.  Missioning of the year 6 students is on the last day of school.  We would also love to see you then.

Please bring your mug and a spoon for a special end of year treat on Thursday.

The Tryathlon is on Friday.  See below.

The school pool was not heating up on Friday but I am hopeful that we will get to swim this week.  Please bring your togs just in case.

Noah the Musical begins on Tuesday.  Room 1 will be performing at 1pm and 6.30pm on Tuesday.  EVERYONE needs to have their costume in a named bag at school on Monday.  
MAIN CAST - must be at school by 5pm and all other students at school by 5.15pm.  Boys will get dressed in Room 1 and girls will get dressed in Room 2.  We still need a couple of adults to help with costumes on the night.

All students must be collected by an adult at the conclusion of the show.  

There are still some matinee tickets available.  Contact the school office for more information please.

Surprise - spelling finished last week!  Did you do well enough to earn a certificate?  Find out next week.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

A Small Miracle

Today we "read" a beautiful book - A Small Miracle by Peter Collington.  The book has no words, but the illustrations tell a lovely Christmas story.

The Room 1 students wrote their own words to tell the story.

This is Sofia's version of the story:
Julian woke up one morning to start her day, like Julian
everybody liked to start their day with a good breakfast and
some tea or coffee.But for Julian that was rare.She was
poor and had no food and her only hope was money to
buy food.She looked in her secret storage place under the
ground,picked up her money box and unlocked it and looked inside,
but she found nothing.What,who would do such a horrible thing.
She was sad and shocked,but that wouldn’t stop her.
She slipped on her warm jacket,some shoes and oh wait,you can’t forget
your accordion,off she went.She set off across the snowy vast area.
With every step she took there were footprints left in the snow.
Around the snowy area were leafless,dead trees.
On her way the to the little village she was heading towards,
she found a church,she stopped to peer inside.Looks like there setting up a
nativity scene with tiny statues.After a little walking the village was in sight.
She sat down on the soft but cold ground and got her accordion out.
She started play a nice tune.She hoped for someone to take notice,even just
50 cents.But no,everybody was busy walking around carrying there Christmas
trees,presents and other stuff.Everybody ignored poor Julian.So she packed
up, got ready to leave when she caught glimpse of a shop.Looks like a trade in
shop.Well since her accordion was obviously no use,even though it was her
last possession,it would get her money.Money was everything.She handed in
her accordion kissed it goodbye and got a good $37 dollars. “Hi” Julian said as
a man on a bike rode past,expecting him to say hi back,Julian got a fright when
instead he just stole her money. “Wait,no,stop come back” but it was too late
he had zoomed of into the distance before you could say boom.Could this day
get any worse.When she went back home she passed the church again.
There he was again.The same man had stolen the church fundraising money.
She wasn’t going to let him get away this time,so she pushed him of his bike,
got the money back returned it to the church.The man was in such a rush he
had knocked down the nativity scene over.Julian kindly stood the figures back
up in there place,and even though it was tempting to take it,she put back the
bucket of money.She carried on with her journey back home.She hadn’t eaten
for a few days and she was so weak.She just collapsed to the ground,hungry
and thirsty.Lying in the cold she was all alone.The little figurines in the church
turned up out of the blue.Alive and moving.They helped the old women,just as
she had helped them.They lifted her up and carried her back to her small,old
fashioned,little caravan, her home.They tucked her in bed while tiny Mary stayed
and held her hand.The kind little statues set up a great Christmas tree but best
of all cooked some delicious food.They worked until midnight and when they
were finally done they looked around,pretty pleased with themselves.They just
hoped,but knew Julian would be pleased.Julian woke up in the morning,
expecting everything to be the same.But when she looked around she had food
and a Christmas tree.Wow who did this. “Thank you so much”.She was so
excited and happy,it was the best Christmas she could ever imagine.What a
small miracle.

This is Soorya's version
Once upon a time. On a snow morning lived a really old lady which was poor. Her name is Dartha.
When she woke up from bed. She tried to search money, but she mostly spend all her money on food
but she hasn’t got food so she can’t buy it without money. She checked her box where she usually
keeps her money but she doesn’t have any money. She got dressed and went outside with her
accordion to play some music to earn money. After 1 hour of walking in the distance she found a
little town were she could play her accordion. She played her accordion near a bank she played for
half an hour but no one cared. She was too tired to play her accordion, so she glanced on the wall
until she looked behind her she found a bank. As I  said in the first place. She went to the bank but it
was very for her. When she went to the bank the owner of the bank needed her accordion then only t
he owner of the bank would give her money. Sadly she had no choice but to give her accordion. It was
all she had so she kissed her accordion and got the money and went out. Just one step out of the
bank a thief on a motorcycle stole the money she had. As she was walking home she found the
church and decided to a a peek in the church but she saw that thief who stole the money for the poor
people. When the thief rode his motorcycle she grabbed the money of him as the bike crashed. She
went inside the church and locked the doors. When she turned around she saw a filthy mess. Lots of
mini figures of Jesus’ family. She cleaned the mess up and put the money back were it was. As she
left the church she went to her house. When she 30 minutes away from her house, she fell to the
ground and collapsed because  she had nothing to eat. Suddenly. They was Jesus’ family coming to
help Dartha. When they took her inside they went o the bank to get her accordion and they gave him
gold as the trade. After that they went to the supermarket to buy some food for her. When the gave
the accordion and the food on the take they left her to rest and went to the positions. Next day on the
Christmas day she woke up and find lots of food on her table and her accordion on her table and
she started playing a singing all day long.

This is Molly's version
One cold morning an old lady named Judith woke up from a long night sleep.
She grabbed her blanket and wrapped it around her. She slowly got out of bed.
Judith was searching and searching for food,water and money. She was empty,
nothing at all poor Judith. She put her coat, chucked on her boots and grabbed
her accordion and  headed of to got busking. Her long walk began now. She
walked and walked and walked. Finally she made it. People were putting up
Christmas light. She started to play her heart out but nobody came. She saw in
the shop window that it said wanted for cash. She handed in her accordion and
kissed it goodbye. She got her cash at last! Vroom vroom snatch it’s gone
someone stole it.  She was walking home and noticed the church door open,
then the same guy that stole her money had at of the church’s donations. Her
instincts kicked in she took the money ran into the church and shut the door.
Judith noticed that his bike had knocked all of the nativity scene down. She was
heart broken, she quickly fixed it. Once it was all done she started to walk
home. She was to weak she fell. Surprise the nativity scene help her. They took
her home, went to the shop to get food and her accordion back. They made her
a lovely dinner and left. Judith woke up on Christmas morning and had all of
the lovely food.

Noah the Musical

We need some parent helpers to help with costumes and preparation for the show.  If you are able to help, please let me know as soon as possible.

Here is what students need to source from home for the production and to bring it to leave in class in a named bag please -asap.

Class Costumes:
Rooms 1 & 2 Boys
Jeans-preferably blue or black
Rooms 1 & 2 Girls
Black leggings/tights

Hour of Code

Room 1 have had enormous fun creating a Dance Party!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Celebrating Learning in Room 1

Lots of families came in after school today to see what the students in Room 1 have been up to.

Thanks everyone